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One Foot in the Blues, Jarvis Brown, Able the Allies, The ShyFox, & OKT!!

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  • $5.00
  • Show Type: Rock
  • 21 & over

One Foot in the Blues: I had just moved from the desert to Oceanside and I met Chrissy where she works. Couldn't help but notice the treble clef tattoo on her throat.I told her I am a drummer looking for rehearsal space and she said she is a vocalist. Got my rehearsal space, got my vocalist. Need bass player..hey my daughter had a band with a great bass guy...SHAZAM! Got a bass player. Chrissy says HEY I know a dude that plays lead guitar who also came to her work. BA-DA-BING Ricky appears...now we have a sixstringer. Hey Ricky, know a good rythm guy? BOIOIOING...Eric materializes. Literally locked ourselves in the rehearsal space for a year and...POWEE-KAZOWEE we're rock'n some awesome and seldom heard blues tunes. We've got a big fat sound with Chrissy on lead vocals, harmonica and keys with Rich pumping n thumping his six string bass with Ricky and Eric playing tag on their guitars and me, Jim, pounding out the slick beats on the drums. COME AND SEE OUR SHOW!!

The ShyFox: The ShyFox is an alternative rock band currently comprised of brothers Julio and Alexis Robles from Chula Vista, CA. Their latest album "Southern Skies", will be the first time the two brothers collaborate on their own; writing, arranging and performing all instruments. "Southern Skies" represents a huge shift in The ShyFox's sound to a more folk rock style (their first, self titled album being more post punk oriented). The ShyFox is excited to bring this new sound to their fans in both recorded and soon in live form.

Jarvis Brown: Jarvis Brown is a rock trio from Southern California with classic rock influence and a modern feel. In 2012, award winning guitarist Jesse Batiuk relocated his family to Temecula after 9 years of living on the Sunset Strip, and later that year reconnected with old friend drummer/singer Abraham Barton and they started writing songs. Abe brought in his brother Sam Barton to play bass, after being a guitarist for several local bands over the years, and the trio formed Jarvis Brown. In 2013, Jarvis Brown released three songs on iTunes “Mercy”, “Falling Behind”, and "Empty Bottles", and they were one of the opening acts for Switchfoot and the San Diego Fair. Jarvis Brown is currently playing venues all over Southern California.

Able the Allies: Mid 2009 - The Swell - In a southern suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma Billy Moore wrote, recorded and produced a solo EP. After doing a handful of acoustic loop pedal shows at local bars and venues, a roommate suggested the meeting of his friend Alex Rose. Within moments of hearing Alex play drums Billy said, "So, yeah... I have a gig in 2 hours, wanna play?" That night they performed as an acoustic/drums duo after knowing each other for 30 minutes. The two shared an immeasurable on stage chemistry and generated a pulsating crowd response. When all was said and done, it was undeniable. "This was real, it just felt right..." Says Alex. Late 2009 - A Beautiful Disaster - After a disheartening theft of over $5000 worth in gear, things were looking pretty grim. Neither of them had any extra money to recoup the loss and gigs were piling up. Despite all the negative, Alex was insistent on staying positive. Something good was gonna come through. A couple weeks after the "happening", Billy received a call from Shoreline Records (a division of Universal Music Canada) wanting to hear more of what they'd discovered on the EP. Early/Mid 2010 - Enter Perry Sharafsaleh - A high school classmate of Billy's with a blazingly tasteful lead style. Perry was asked to fill in for some shows and shortly thereafter asked to join the band. The trio bought some jackets, packed the passports and made their way north of the border to Leamington, Ontario. Time to showcase for Shoreline. "45 min never lasted so long, haha.." said Perry. Afterwards, the guys and execs sat down with the president of the label who offered them a deal. But after months of negotiations, the legal team advised ATA to gracefully bow out. Late 2010 - A New Start - Through all the hoopla of recording contracts and showcases outside the country, one very good thing came of it. Meeting Robyn Owens, Attorney at Law. According to the band this woman took it upon herself to engage a group of private investors to get something moving. When it was time to make some calls, Alex reached out to David Rheman (friend and former classmate at LA Music Academy) and he passed on some demos to Jeff Blue (Universal, Atlantic, Sony BMG) It wasn't too much longer after that the band was approached by Mr. Blue to come out to L.A. Early 2011 - Westbound - Alex, Billy and Perry once again found themselves on a plane. However this time they wouldn't be needing beanies, toonies, or down coats. Nothing but sandy beaches, sunny skies and studios of the west coast were on the other end of this flight. The band signed a production deal with Rock Shop Music Group and began recording with Jeff in the legendary Sound City complex, as well as Matt Sorum's private-in-home drum studio. After the completion of the new EP, the band flew back to Tulsa. With a fistful of new songs, they continued to grow their local fan base. Mid 2011 - Busy, busy, busy - Playing 5-7 shows a week, a nice buzz was starting to build in Tulsa and surrounding cities. After a packed out show Billy was approached by someone boasting that their friend "KILLS the keys" and insisted they meet. There was a powerful handshake. "Jordan Dewitt, pleased to meet ya. You guys need a keyboard player?" The first rehearsal went off like a bomb. Not only did Jordan kick the door down and tickle the ivory with the best of 'em, he was also met with hugs from mutual best friends of the band. He was in. Mid/Late 2011 - An Awakening - "Well it was actually closer to summer" said Bobby, in reference to when he caught the itch. "I always wanted to be on the management end of it all. But when I saw the guys play in front of 3,000 people, I thought...WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?!" At the time the band still needed a permanent bassist. They had tried out a ton, but none really fit. "It was a lot like Spinal Tap, only the bassist would change. We'd look over and, POOF!! ...Someone else on bass" Towards the end of summer before his final year in college, Bobby asked Billy to help him find a bass. They went down to a local pawn shop and were out the door with a YAMAHA bass, cable, strap and Peavy 12" amp for less than $100. From there it was hours and hours of practice, books, video tutorials, Skype sessions with Billy, etc. He would be "too sick" and have to skip baseball practice, just to stay home and hone his skills. Mid 2012 - Schools Out Forever - Once Bobby moved home after graduating, he was so confidant in his new abilities that he took the entirety of his graduation money and dropped it on a custom bass and rig. The time had come for Bobby to step up. "We all wanted to see it happen, but we had to all agree it couldn't matter that he was my brother" says Billy. "He was gonna have to earn it..." After a couple of rehearsals and shows, something was abundantly clear. Not only how far he had come, but how fast. Within a year Bobby had gone from never having picked up a bass, to playing in a full-on-working band. The addition of a family member solidified the bond. The missing puzzle piece was found. Late 2012 - Its Time - One night post show and a few beers deep, all the guys discussed the possibility of relocating to the west coast. A trade-in of sorts, a little red dirt for some sandy beaches. "This way we'd be closer to our producer, closer to the business, closer to the action..." said Billy. After all their first, second and third 2 week notices and final preparations were made, one by one they each hugged and kissed their families and friends then drove to Oceanside, California. Early 2013 - Scissor Tail Manor - Alex was the first to go. He settled in quick, then Billy and Bobby showed up a few weeks later. A couple weeks after that, Jordan rolled in and before they knew it Perry was yelling from the doorway "Come help me get my $#@!" The guys were reunited. All under the same roof, writing, surfing, chillin' and playing music. ATA is currently in the studio prepping new material for a Fall 2013 Tour.


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